Mission Partners share our dream of raising up local lay leaders for mission in the UK Church. They help to bring this dream to life by supporting us prayerfully, financially and pastorally. 

What is a Mission Partner?
What Mission Partners do...

We ask for three intentional commitments from our Mission Partners:



Commitment One: To Pray

Signs of Life was a fruit of prayer. Prayer was not only vital at the beginning of our work but is also vital to its sustainability and growth. We ask our Mission Partners to commit to praying for our work, at least weekly, preferably daily. 



Commitment Two: To Give

Like any job worth doing, this work requires a lot of time, energy and perseverance to come to life. It requires good tools and skilled individuals to craft the resources we make. Above all, this work requires the highest standard for the glory of God. That isn't possible without money. We rely solely on our Mission Partners' generosity to sustain the work we do. Our ask here is that our Mission Partners donate a minimum of £20 per month (based on their means). We know that for some this may mean sacrificing a meal out or a subscription to something they enjoy, but that's what makes it such a bold statement of belief in our mission.



Commitment Three: To Share

Our mission becomes your mission, too.

When someone chooses to become a Mission Partner, to pray for us and support us, they take on our mission of making disciplemakersThis means that it is your responsibility, as it is ours, to share the mission with others. Our final ask to each and every Mission Partner is that they would join us in sharing our work with friends, colleagues, family, and anyone else in their life.



What Mission Partners get in return

Our Mission Partners choose to join our mission out of a passion for it, and not for what they expect to get in return. We know this. However, we want to do everything we can to express our gratitude and so here are three ways that we give back to them.




Just as they pray for us we pray for them, every day. We love receiving specific intentions from our Mission Partners that we can offer in prayer at Daily Mass or in Holy Hour.




Every event we host, we invite our Mission Partners to. Not only do we invite them, but we invite them as special guests.




Our Mission Partners receive exclusive access to resources we produce for them to use in whatever way they choose


Do you want to become a part of our mission, too?

If you've got this far, you may be asking yourself if you want to answer the call to join our mission. Do you believe in our mission of recreating the joyful, Christ-centred communities that used to be so present in England? Do you want to join us in fulfilling it? Can you sacrifice time and money to support us? If you can say yes to these three questions then we want you to join us in chasing this mission and accepting our invitation to become a Signs of Life Mission Partner!


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